Karen Packwood's park shoot


The other day we had the pleasure of photographing Karen Packwood at Melton Mowbray's wonderful Play Close Park. Karen is the co-author of the international smash hit Superwoman Myths, a #1 Amazon best seller. She is also a healer and educator, something you can feel flowing from her in her kindness and appreciation of everything around her.

We felt the park was a beautiful space to shoot these photos as the Melton Town Estate really keep it in a beautiful and well tendered condition, however we managed to find a secluded area surrounded by nature that just seemed to frame Karen beautifully. collageThis was in an area that many people seem to forget about, however we felt that this was just right as, just like Karen with her work, we wanted to show that no matter what there is life and energy in everything if you are willing to embrace your younger self.

I really like this space and although it is an area that many of the locals seem to forget about I'm looking forward to visiting this area lots over the summer months to capture more shots.