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The Old Courthouse, Church Street
Melton Mowbray, LE13 0PN

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Whitehouse Photography provide classic and professional portrait and wedding photography and an array of photography services in the heart of Melton Mowbray, a rural market town.

Helen and Paul Gowtridge's Wedding at Hose


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Helen and Paul Gowtridge's Wedding at Hose

Whitehouse Photography


With a wedding in the middle of September, after abandoning any hope of good weather, you don't really expect a beautiful beaming sun on your wedding day, but with the clock counting down to midday, the sun was brighter than we'd seen it in weeks.

For me this set the scene for the day beautifully, such a great and caring couple that bring nothing but fun and laughter to everyone around them, having the world shine for them on their special day. This is a couple so loved they people from all around the world, from Canada to people even travelling from Australia.

They started it off in style, with Helen getting a stretch Hummer to Hose Baptist Church. Paul was stood at the altar, obviously nervous but excited to finally marry the woman of his dreams. You could see the emotion on his face as the music started playing as his bride walked in, being given away by her 3 brothers, and you could feel the whole of the room lift in excitement for what was about to happen.

After the service, it was straight outside for everyone to get their pictures of the extremely happy couple and to cover them in confetti, with love showing all round and the sun still just making everything that little bit better, like it was saying something.

After all the congratulations and chattering, the couple hopped in their Hummer, sipped on champagne and travelled around the corner to Hose Village Hall, with the sun shining straight in over the horizon through the glass wall, making the room still feel so airy and lifting the spirits of everyone even more.

Once all the outside mingling and talking about the ceremony was finished, it was everyone inside to witness the first dance. Performed inside a giant heart of flower petals, with the sun shining straight in over the horizon through the glass wall, it really made the couple stand out, giving them a glow that just radiated off them, it just framed them better than could have been imagined. 

From there the afternoon flowed smoothly from speeches to food to the cake cutting, every minute the love kept building and everyone was having an amazing time. It was beautiful from start to finish and the well-loved couple just bought everything together, turning stangers in to friends in celebration of their love.