The session will last approximately one hour, quite often up to two hours for large family groups, this allows time for your child /children to get to know us and get familiar with their surroundings. Also allows them to get a drink or snack.

Clothes are important:

·      Avoid big logos and patterns on shirts / t shirts unless they are coming in their favourite football / rugby kit and you want this to be part of the shoot.

·      Quite often we remove shoes of younger babies and children as these dominate the picture. As they get older shoes may become part of the outfit, if so we leave them on, but please make sure they are clean and not too bright.

·      Dungarees on young children tend to ride up under a child’s chin especially if they are only sitting. We have a Pinterest link on our website with some clothing ideas if you need a few examples.

·      Keep the colour and style similar, for example, shades of blues and greys, or all bright bold colours, all in formal wear etc. Remember if you feel comfortable in your chosen outfits that will show you relaxed in the pictures.

Toys, teddy bears, hobbies, footballs, musical instruments or favourite books are welcome in the shoot. We take pictures with and without props so we make sure you get a good variety of images. If you can avoid snuggle blankets or items the child carries around with them when they are tired and sleepy, these tend to look quite messy and the child often puts these items up to their faces.